2018-19 Events

Grand River Rumble Individual Folkstyle

Grand River Rumble Individual Freestyle

Grand River Rumble 9U Duals

Grand River Rumble 12U Duals

Grand River Rumble 15U Duals

Grand River Rumble HS Duals

Grand River Rumble Girls Duals

NUWAY Summer Nationals Folkstyle

NUWAY Summer Nationals Freestyle

19 NUWAY Summer Nationals 9U Duals

19 NUWAY Summer Nationals 12U Duals

19 NUWAY Summer Nationals 15U Duals

19 NUWAY Summer Nationals HS Duals

19 NUWAY Summer Nationals Girls Duals

Deep South K-8 Individual

Deep South K-8 Duals

Deep South HS Individual

Deep South HS Duals

Mount Rushmore Individual Folkstyle

Mount Rushmore Individual Freestyle

Mount Rushmore 9U Duals

Mount Rushmore 12U Duals

Mount Rushmore 15U Duals

Mount Rushmore HS Duals

NUWAY Revolution Folkstyle
NUWAY Revolution Freestyle
NUWAY Revolution K-8 Duals
NUWAY Revolution HS Duals

USA Nationals Folkstyle

USA Nationals Freestyle

USA Nationals 9U Duals

USA Nationals 12U Duals

USA Nationals 15U Duals

USA Nationals HS Duals

USA Nationals Girls Duals

Southern Throne Individual

Southern Throne 9U Duals

Southern Throne 12U Duals

Southern Throne 15U Duals

Southern Throne HS Duals

Southern Throne Girls Duals

Midwest Grand Challenge Individual

Midwest Grand Challenge 12U Duals

Midwest Grand Challenge HS Duals

Midwest Grand Challenge Girls Duals

Spartan Duals K-8 Duals

Spartan Duals HS Duals

Gene Mills Eastern Nationals

NUWAY Individual Nationals

NUWAY Club Team Nationals 15U

NUWAY Club Team Nationals HS

NUWAY Club Tean Nationals Girls

New England Spring Duals

State College Youth Tournament

2019 MAC Championships

MYWAY State Championships




CTWAY Championships

2019 NYSPHSAA Section III Championships

2019 NYSPHSAA Section IV Championships

PENNWAY Individual Championships




NEWA Futures

NCAA Division II Super Regional 1

NCAA DIII Regional Mideast

NCAA DIII Regional Northeast

2019 NYSPHSAA State Championships

MYWAY Team State 3GU

MYWAY Team State 6GU-A

MYWAY Team State 6GU-B

MYWAY Team State MS-A

MYWAY Team State MS-B

MYWAY Team State Girls

F&M Open


Matsplosion HS

NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals

NWCA National Duals- Women's

NUWAY College Open

NUWAY Mat Mayhem Nationals

NUWAY National Duals 8U-Mat Mayhem

NUWAY National Duals 10U-Mat Mayhem

NUWAY National Duals 12U-Mat Mayhem

NUWAY National Duals 15U-Mat Mayhem

NUWAY National Duals Girls-12U

NUWAY National Duals Girls 15U

Hendrick Hudson Sailor Classic

Atlantic City Individual Nationals

Atlantic City National Duals 8U

Atlantic City National Duals 10U

Atlantic City National Duals 12U

Atlantic City National Duals 15U

New England Dual Meet Championships

NEWA Invitational 

Winter Throne Individual

Winter Throne 8U Duals

Winter Throne 10U Duals

Winter Throne 12U Duals

Winter Throne 15U Duals

Winter Throne 15U Girls Duals

All-Academy Championships

NYSPHSAA Dual Meet Championships

The Wildcat Open sponsored by USC

RIT Invitational 

PSAC Championships

Cleveland State Open

Christmas Sparty Individual

Christmas Sparty 8U Duals

Christmas Sparty 10U Duals 

Christmas Sparty 12U Duals

Christmas Sparty 15U Duals

Christmas Sparty Girl Duals

South Beach Youth Slam Individual

South Beach Slam Youth Duals 8U

South Beach Slam Youth Duals 10U

South Beach Slam Youth Duals 12U

South Beach Slam Youth Duals 15U

South Beach HS Duals

Citrus Invitational

South Beach College Individual

South Beach Duals (Division 1 Duals)

Ithaca Invitational

Princeton Open

Michigan State Open

Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open

Ohio Intercollegiate Open

Finger Lakes Fall Classic Girls Duals

Finger Lakes Fall Classic K-6 Duals

Finger Lakes Fall Classic K-8 Duals

NYS Intercollegiate Championships

Black Knight Invitational


Tyrant Columbus Day Duals-Girls

Tyrant Columbus Day Duals - Elementary

Tyrant Columbus Day Duals - Middle

Tyrant Columbus Day Duals - High

Fall Brawl Individual Championships

The Compound Fall Duals Youth

The Compound Fall Duals HS

2018 Grappler Fall Classic

Providence Preseason Brawl

2019-20 Events

United Wrestling Clock

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