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United Wrestling Clock will bring you the clocks that you need, no matter how many you need! Take away the stress of finding enough clocks to make your event look good and run good we have you covered. Every clock comes with a matside computer that does live scoring for the general public to see!

Live Stream Kit's:

You want to take your wrestling tournament to the next level? We have packages that offer live streaming of every match. Parent's, Grandparents, friends and wrestling fans around the world will be able to watch your matches! 

Pairing's Person

Coaches are you stressed about trying to run a tournament and getting your team ready to compete? We can build and run your event for you! We take all of the information on how you want your event to run and we do it ALL for you! Our knowledgeable staff will run the tournament based on how you want it to run, and will offer you ideas based off other similar tournaments! 


Every time our clocks go to an event a technician comes with them. The technician sets up all of the clocks, and troubleshoots any issues with scoring at the matside computers. The technicians also does a demonstration on how everything works before the tournament even starts. We pride ourselves by making your event a top priority, and having it run as smoothly as possible. 


Need more? We have you covered! This is your one stop shop for all of your wrestling needs. We can come equipped with all the essentials for your event. United wrestling clocks offers packages that come with mat tape, anklets, towel tappers, spray bottles, and more!